Argentina Vineyards, safe way to protect your investment

If you’re looking for a sMendoza Vineyards for saleafe haven for your nest-egg, enjoy drinking wine and have thought about growing wine… Vineyards for sale in Argentina offer the best and safest investment environment to satisfy your interests.
Accessible and affordable opportunities abound in Mendoza vineyards for sale within private and fully managed vineyard estates with of the world’s best and most productive terroir.

First-class vineyard real estate property is in extremely limited supply world-wide and can only increase in value in the coming years. Try to buy a hectare in the Napa Valley, France, Italy or Spain and you’ll be stunned at the exorbitant prices even if available! World-class Mendoza vineyards for sale in Argentina, a consequence of its New-World wine status, are available at remarkably reasonable prices. A single hectare (2.2 acres) can be had for less than what you’d spend on a one bedroom condo.

While investing in a foreign country can be a risky business, Argentina is one of the world’s most secure countries for expat investment. As an expat you can easily buy and own land in Argentina and the government has enacted laws that protect these investments.

In U.S. dollar terms, the Argentine economy has been performing very well, growing at a compounded year-over-year rate of about 15% – consistently for over 10 years. Argentina enjoys an impressive debt-to GDP ratio of less than 14% and the private sector is virtually debt-free because easy credit is not part of the culture. For instance, there is no mortgage debt because mortgages are simply not available. Property prices therefore, aren’t artificially inflated by a debt bubble.

Earnings in publically traded companies rose by 13% in 2011 and are among the best performers in South America. Argentina is also a major producer of important and necessary commodities such as corn, soy, beef, oil and vital minerals with established world markets. As well their per-capita income is the highest in South America.

This is “liquid gold”, according to Night Frank Vineyard Index has been enjoying the highest appreciation of any vineyard real estate investment in the world.

To sum up: an ideal environment for protecting hard-earned dollars, benefitting from the continuing appreciation of your vineyard itself and growing (and drinking) some of the best reviewed wines in the world

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