Mendoza Vineyards a Hedge Against Current Economic Uncertainty


Many people are rightly concerned about the value and viability of their assets. They are also aware that the governments around the world are vastly overspending, printing money and most are technically bankrupt with no realistic remedy in sight.

All indicators seem to be pointing towards a financial collapse either in the U.S. and/or Europe or both. What to do short of stocking a bunker with food and buying guns! Buy gold? Silver? Stay in the market? get out? Converting dollars and Euros into tangible, appreciating assets is the best way to go.

Jim Rogers, cofounder of the Quantum Fund with George Soros, believes that farmland is going to be one of the best investments of our time.

Indeed, not any farmland but wine growing land. According to Hafiba, Capital Management for the Global Wine Industry, investments in wine estates and vineyard property offer an attractive opportunity of portfolio diversification, good returns and a strong hedge against the impending inflation.

I happen to be a big fan of Argentina and was pleased to see in the Haifa Report Mendoza vineyards have been experiencing the biggest appreciation of any vineyards for sale in the world. In Argentina vineyards growing regions are abundant but the best quality terroir can be found in vineyards of Mendoza. Most of the vineyards for sale in Mendoza are still incredibly well priced compared to world prices and wine growing land is still available.

It’s a ‘Napa Valley’ 25 years ago.

The Mendoza wine and tourism business is booming and it’s now one of the Top 9 wine growing capitals of the world. Mendoza Vineyard investors range from traditional wine growing families such as the Rothchilds, Swarowskis, Bembergs, and the Hess families to Francis Ford Coppola .

Vineyards for sale in Mendoza start from $75,000 per Hectare. So convert even a $100,000, own high quality vineyards in Mendoza, the Malbec growing lands in Valle de Uco, Lujan de Cuyo, Vista Flores, Agrelo and Tupungato.

Mendoza vineyards in a top world wine capitol grow Malbec grapes that are high in demand on land that’s appreciating in value, build a villa and a pool with a view of the Andes Mountains and generally enjoy life as a bonus. To buy a vineyard in Mendoza means an affordable lifestyle move that also keeps your investment secure with a great growth potential.

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