According to Winesur News  Apr 18, 2012

In terms of value,  Argentine wine exports to Canada have been growing steadily since 2010. High domestic production costs and Canadian trend towards value-for-money wines are seen as major reasons for this continuing impressive growth.

Canada is poised to become the 3rd fastest growing wine consuming nation after the United States and China according to the British IWSR Consulting Group.

One of the leading suppliers of Argentine wine to Canada is Finca Flishman. According to Export Manager Jorge Degese, growth in Canada is related to the Argentine economy and decisions by Canadian wine buying monopolies which favour wines over USD 10 category.

Argentina has great capacity to supply wines in the USD 11-20 segment according to Trapiche Export Director Pablo Ghiorzi.

“Canada is still the second leading market for Argentina’s wine exporters. An encouraging news is the fact that it is expected for 2014 that this market -with a number of 50 million cases of wine- will position itself as the world’s third country experiencing the fastest growth in wine consumption, behind United States and China, according to data provided by British IWSR consulting company”.

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