Imagine… standing on your own vineyard… savoring a glass of your own MALBEC… snow-capped Andes seem close enough to touch.

Live in your wine villa in a fully managed vineyard estate in Mendoza.

In a managed vineyard concept- You own the vines, the land, and the house and live amongst a community of wine-lovers.
A highly qualified onsite team will organize the planting, maintenance and ultimately  making of your own private label wine or selling the grapes to a local winery. The extent of your involvement in the process is entirely up to you.

You can now buy a fully managed vineyard in Mendoza’s Uco Valley for under $100,000.

At these price points, NOW is the time to realize the dream of owning and living on a vineyard.
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In 10 years, the number of wineries exporting to Canada grew by 300%

According to WineSur June 26 2013 Canada is the second destination for Argentine wine exports.

WineSur June 26, 2013 by María Elena Graffigna

In 2012, this number amounted to 212, whereas in 2002 it was only 54. Canada is the second destinations of Argentine wine exports and one of the best-performing countries, becoming the focus of exporters’ attention worldwide. Continue reading

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“What is the best country to invest in?”

As legendary global investor Sir John Templeton answered decades ago: “Sir, I beg your pardon but that is the wrong question… you should be asking me what country looks absolutely miserable.”

Argentina today is not-so quietly heading towards the famous fiscal cliff and a very hard landing. Argentina looks absolutely miserable’.

If you want to make great returns, you’ve got to find value where others see dead money, and then be willing to buy prime assets such as farmland, a vineyard in prime wine growing land in the famous Mendoza region of Argentina, home to the highly regarded Malbec grape or look at great condos in Buenos Aires where short term rental revenue alone could range anywhere from 10% to 15% due to huge tourism spike.

The people of Argentina cannot access US$ easily, by Government fiat, resulting in a flourishing ‘Blue Market’, currently offering a 69% spread between the official exchange rate and the Blue Market rate. This is not sustainable. Argentines are desperate for the safe haven of US$. So if you are holding USD in your hands they are willing to make amazing deals to get USD instead of their ever depreciating currency. Plus, due to this deep depreciation, your cost of running your business is very low. Continue reading

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Price Reduction – $99,000 – Palermo Place

For ONLY $99,000

Own a Piece of a Top Hotel in Buenos Aires

Ranked #3 among 427 hotels by Trip Advisor

Fully Furnished Suite at the Luxury 5-star Condo-Hotel

2012 Winner of Travelers’ Choice® Award.

High-end building with top quality finish work

Units are designed for personal use, long-term or short term rental
The hotel has 8 stories and 26 units, 4 units on floors 1-6, 2 units on floor 7 Continue reading

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Well-known Mendoza winery, Piattelli is investing USD 12 million to build a new second winery in Cafayate, Salta region of Argentina. The project includes the purchase of new terrior and establishment of a Tourist Area to foster tourism to the area.

Piattelli exports wines to the U.S.A, Canada and Mexico and has aggressive plans to expand sales to Asia.

The winery and tourist area, once completed will employ 40 and generate interest in the Salta region.

This investment is very good news to all those considering investing in Argentina vineyards. It signals a huge vote of confidence in the continuing stability of the wine industry by a major player in the industry.

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According to Winesur News  Apr 18, 2012

In terms of value,  Argentine wine exports to Canada have been growing steadily since 2010. High domestic production costs and Canadian trend towards value-for-money wines are seen as major reasons for this continuing impressive growth.

Canada is poised to become the 3rd fastest growing wine consuming nation after the United States and China according to the British IWSR Consulting Group. Continue reading

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Global Wine Shortage Forecast

Award Winning Wines

The Central Coast Insights Conference recently reported that the California Wine industry is entering an extended period of structural supply shortage, adding to concerns being voiced globally that the era of global glut may soon be ending.

The Good news is that by investing in your own Private Vineyard in Argentina, you will not be affected by this shortage at all and may indeed benefit by securing your own supply and/or additionally enjoying the elevated prices your grapes will command in the marketplace should you decide to sell them. Potentially bulk prices could double in the very near future.

BBI Argentina, purveyors of some of the finest, fully planted Private Vineyard Estates in Mendoza Argentina, is positioned to make this dream a reality and facilitate your entry into the Private Vineyard lifestyle at reasonable investment levels.

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Visit Mendoza in March & April for Free! Buy a Vineyard at one of our Private Vineyard Estates and we will pay for your stay!

Private Vineyard Estates of Mendoza have come together to attract vineyard buyers during March and April. If you have ever considered buying a vineyard, now is the perfect time. There are incredible promotional prices plus free stay being offered by most of our managed vineyard projects.

Free trip + fabulously priced vineyards on the most sought after terrior in the World. The time is ripe to buy a vineyard in Argentina now.

Contact BBI Argentina for details.

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Mendoza Vineyard Projects offer a truly unique buying opportunity – accessible world-class wine growing terroir set against the stunning Andean mountain background at amazingly low prices and all fully managed by professionals. The vineyard land values in Mendoza have experienced and continue to experience the highest appreciation of any wine region in the world and represent a wise investment opportunity. If you’re looking for a safe haven for your investment and have thought about growing wine and perhaps one day living on your own vineyard then Argentina’s Mendoza Vineyards offer the best and safest investment environment.

BBI Argentina is the only company that specializes in Turnkey and Managed Private Vineyard Estates in Mendoza. We match you with the right project, negotiate on your behalf, provide help with independent soil and water testing. We can handle all legal requirements and money transfers to assist in the completion of your purchase. After the vineyard purchase, we will provide assistance with the building of your villa as well as management and rental. Currently available for sale are the following 5 vineyard estates. Continue reading

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Argentina Vineyards, safe way to protect your investment

If you’re looking for a sMendoza Vineyards for saleafe haven for your nest-egg, enjoy drinking wine and have thought about growing wine… Vineyards for sale in Argentina offer the best and safest investment environment to satisfy your interests.
Accessible and affordable opportunities abound in Mendoza vineyards for sale within private and fully managed vineyard estates with of the world’s best and most productive terroir.

First-class vineyard real estate property is in extremely limited supply world-wide and can only increase in value in the coming years. Try to buy a hectare in the Napa Valley, France, Italy or Spain and you’ll be stunned at the exorbitant prices even if available! World-class Mendoza vineyards for sale in Argentina, a consequence of its New-World wine status, are available at remarkably reasonable prices. A single hectare (2.2 acres) can be had for less than what you’d spend on a one bedroom condo. Continue reading

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