Aymuray Winery MendozaAymuray is a Gary Player signature course and player-branded real estate in Argentina. located in the heart of the Mendocino wine country, Aymuray Wine & Golf Club is a one-of-a-kind development that integrates wine-making, golf, polo, nature trails, six-star resort amenities and a sophisticated lifestyle – all spread over 10,000 acres at the foot of the snow-capped Andes mountains.

“Aymuray” is named after the harvest feast where the Incas celebrated the balance between man and nature.

Aymuray is a project created especially for those who love, wine, golf and nature but who want to enjoy first-world infrastructure. Its philosophy includes the respect for this majestic virgin land, while bringing it into the future with leading technology and design. In Aymuray’s valleys you will find developments linked to a resort, a wine and golf country club and vineyards.Aymuray in Mendoze Argentina

At the heart of this project is the resort and its first world infrastructure. The resort is located within 3.300 acres of conservation land.

There will be an eco-village sustained by renewable energy. It will also be the home to a traditionally oriented restaurant, winery, cheese factory, conference hall, spa, tennis courts, polo grounds, club and guest-house, golf and a natural amphitheatre for cultural activities.

The golf course will be created by the Gary Player signature design and will be ready by December 2010. Following the natural lay of the land, the course will be opened year-round and its fairways run through three different valleys. Nine of the eighteen holes are within the conserved land where nothing but silence and natural beauty will compete with the game. As for the other nine holes, houses when built respect a hundred yards distance from the centre of the fairway. Surrounded by vineyards, lakes, gardens and the majestic view of the Andes, this course will no doubt be one of the most spectacular places to play golf in all of Latin America. It will be entirely watered with gathered rain and melting snow falling from the Andes. The electricity needed for the golf course will be fully supplied by renewable energy.

The wine and golf country club will offer three hundred lots divided in four different neighborhoods, each with different costs, amenities and characteristics.

Aymuray VineyardAymuray will enjoy a perimeter safety system bolstered by the best technology and each neighborhood will have its own private system.

100 lots averaging 6 acres with fruit orchards and vineyards will be located in the valleys near the town and the resort. Most of these houses will be in the foothills, with views of the valley and protected by the growing vines. A central administrating body comprised of Mendoza’s best oenologists and agricultural experts will oversee the vineyards. Owners will not have to worry about maintenance or wine production. These vineyards will be able to produce an average of 1000 bottles of premium wine a year, with varietals chosen by the owner, conditioned by the price market of their grapes and subject to annual climatic conditions.

Aymuray Winnery 4There will only be 100 lots by the golf. They will average almost one acre. They are located on a smooth slope above one of the three valleys destined for the golf course. They have spectacular direct views to the Andes. There will be no second row of lots facing the golf course. The average size of the lots is 5,000 square meters (1.25 acres).

This is a gated community within the resort, in its own private valley, with central dams, and a view of the Andes. Each will have an average size of 1.25 acres.

Within Aymuray, the finest 2500 acres were selected for premium vines. Agrelo´s productive land with a 7 miles extension on a perfect slope from east to west, and heights ranging from 3150 to 5000 feet above sea level, will create unique microclimates. These attributes contribute to the production of the highest quality in Malbec and other varietals of white and red wines.

Beautiful AymurayValleys of the Wineries” is a community for wine cellars planned to receive international renowned wineries, which plan to produce icon wines. Different microclimates can be found in each of these valleys favoring the appearance of unique wines.

In another zone we’ve developed Aymuray tailor made, customized vines and vineyards enabling step by step fully assisted production of private and distinctive wines and vines for individual customers.

When you buy land with vines in Aymuray you are acquiring the right to make your own wine with the product of harvesting and selling your premium grapes. When you buy in Aymuray you are buying a tailor made product and the member can choose to be advised on every step from the selection of the best land at different heights for each variety selected, to the label with your name or brand.

A centralized administration will be in charge of the care of the vineyards all through the year and of transforming the grapes in the best wines. The quantity and quality will differ with each harvest but it is estimated that on average it will be possible to produce with the income from the sale of the grapes, without added cost, 1000 bottles of top quality wine per year and per hectare.

There will be wine cellars for each individual owner so as to store his wine under the Aymuray hills. The oenologist will be chosen from the world top renowned individuals in the special area of 2000 acres, designed to establish 8 wineries it will be possible to install international wineries in different valleys separated from each other by hills.

Aymuray InvestmentTop class wines will be produced. In these rich, virgin organic soils with almost perfect slopes and lands that are privileged with the maximum height in Agrelo that go from 3500 feet to 5000 feet above sea level you can produce the best Malbecs in the world. In this fashion all different varieties of wines can be produced in the same place obtaining the best wines of Mendoza at a much lower cost than any of the other 8 wine capitals of the world.

“The overriding aspect of the master plan- says developer Santiago Obarrio- is that each location was picked based on the possible desires of future owners of Aymuray. There are three main focuses to the project: the resort for relaxation and adventure, the country club for people who desire quality of life, and the wine valleys for those who love wine and vines. Within each of these, can be found different types of properties: with a view of the majestic Andes, or a view of the golf course, a view of the dams, with a view of the wineries of Agrelo, homes in the village- hotel and land with their own vineyards and your own private wines. None of the neighborhoods are in view of any of the others. The visual factor with very few constructions and lots, following a strict building code, was specially taken into account. Each neighborhood has its own access roads, amenities and expenses. To accentuate a feeling of belonging to a private valley with an ecological concept we have chosen each property to be free of neighbors behind in a second row. There are even properties in their own valleys.

There is no doubt in our minds that the same aging process that leads to the best wines and golf courses, will make Aymuray landowners appreciate the privilege of belonging to a prestigious and innovative project”.

Aymuray is in Alto Agrelo, the most valuable area for vineyards and tourism in Mendoza, the northern border of the Patagonia.

Mendoza : 28 miles Airport: 30 miles Santiago de Chile: 160 miles Buenos Aires: 600 miles

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