Santa Maria de los Andes

Santa Maria Mendoza Managed VineyardsSanta María de los Andes is the first vineyard town in the world that offers a unique opportunity to all enthusiasts of wine and its culture: become owners of a vineyard without necessarily being experts or having been related to the business before.

Located in Luján de Cuyo (Mendoza), at the foot of the Andes, Santa María de los Andes offers to an exclusive group of entrepreneurs the possibility of having their own vineyard managed by the best professionals, producing sophisticated wines according to their taste and preferences. All this being in accordance with the highest standards and immersed in an impressive landscape.

To date, the minimum productive vineyard unit should be around 25 hectares, based on the fact that it is in this scale where infrastructure, operating and working costs begin to have financial sense.
Santa María de los Andes’ structure gives the possibility of achieving this financial and production logic from 1 hectare, because it dissolves the maintenance and vinification costs in more than 550 hectares of vineyard.
Santa María de los Andes lets you obtain your own wine, without having to invest large amounts of money.

Santa Maria de los Andes ArgentinaTHE TERROIR
The vine is cultivated in temperate and dry areas. Besides, it needs low temperatures to offer itself completely. While high temperatures cause fast grape ripeness with low acidity, on the other hand, low temperatures achieve the opposite effects in the wine: low alcoholic tone and high acidity. A quality wine needs a balance of both.

Within the “blessed” regions for wine making, the best vineyards are located in cold places; in Mendoza these areas are over 900m above sea level. These features are combined in Alto Agrelo, in Luján de Cuyo (Mendoza), at the foot of the Andes, area where Santa María de los Andes is settled. In this place of cold nights, and with more than 300 sunny days during the year, the thermal width reaches 15º, ideal to achieve organoleptic features of a high-end wine.

Another important element is the land. Rich and deep lands cause very fast vegetative vine growth (too much vigor). Sandy loam lands — like the ones where Santa María de los Andes is settled — have a good balance; as they are poor, sloping and slightly deep, the vigor is naturally regulated. This is ideal to cultivate the vine.

From the vineyard — where the wine grows — and throughout the entire productive process,
Santa María de los Andes’ team guides owners to ensure that the wine is exactly the same way as they have dreamed.

Under our team’s advice, owners can decide the wine “personality”: selecting their favorite grape, harvesting it by choosing the right moment according to the grape ripeness and the alcohol, bouquet and taste potentials. Then, it is possible to opt whether it should stay in oak barrels or not and the stowing time in bottles.

In the vineyard, our high-density plantation standard ensures the greatest enological quality, and in the Winery, our enologist team will work under high quality standards during the entire process.

Alberto Antonini – Matura Group, Enologist – Santa María de los Andes

  • He graduated from the University of Florence in Agricultural Sciences (agriculture).
  • He is a renowned Italian enologist.
  • At the end of 1993, he was hired by Marchesi Antinori of Florence, where he assumed the role of Enology Department General Manager.
  • He was the first enologist of the famous Italian winery Antinori.
  • He was part of Altos Las Hormigas’ founding society.
  • Alberto Antonini is cofounder of “Gruppo Matura”, company dedicated to offer consultancy services related to the wine world.
  • He has personally advised wineries such as Mondavi (USA) and Concha y Toro (Chile).
  • Alberto Antonini has become one of the most internationally well known enologists. He travels around the world advising wineries and coordinating working teams, among them Santa María de los Andes.

Caggiati, Mosso, Gancedo & Assoc. Consultancy firm, Agronomy Board – Santa María de los Andes

  • It is made up of professionals with many years in the industry who have vast experience in the field, design and technical management of agricultural exploitations. It develops its activities mainly in small businesses located in Mendoza.
  • Our consultant, Agronomist Engineer Javier Gancedo, has vast experience in the
  • vinicultural sector. He worked for Kendall Jackson Argentina (current Tapiz Winery), San Telmo Winery (belonging to Seagram), Sterling Winery in Sonoma (USA) and Chandon Argentina.
  • The consultancy firm offers technical advice and implementation control services in all activities related to vinicultural, olive-producing and fruit-producing projects.
  • Nowadays, the consultancy firm manages properties and projects in important farms such as: Macri, CCI SA, Viñas de Altamira, Sucesores Alfredo Barros, Martínez Hnos., Siete Puertas, among others.


  • In Santa María de los Andes we put a lot of effort to produce superior wines at 90 points (according to magazines such as Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, Decanter, etc.).
  • Wineries near Santa María de los Andes, such as Catena Zapata, Viña Cobos, Achaval Ferrer, among others, have obtained awards in the main international competitions.
  • Santa María de los Andes is located in the most privileged vinicultural area in
  • Argentina. Luján de Cuyo, in Mendoza, is DOC and internationally known as the “Malbec land”.
  • Mendoza was chosen as one of the Great Wine Capitals® and as Wine Region of the Year in December 2008, according to the Wine Enthusiast Magazine®.
  • Argentine Wines are increasingly taking a unique place in the international market.
  • Argentina is one of the main players in the vinicultural world market (it occupies the 5th place as producer and 6th place in terms of consumption per capita in the world).
  • Mendoza has developed a Strategic Plan for the Wine Industry towards 2025, aiming to align all its competitive advantages.


  • 819 hectares in Alto Agrelo.
  • 35 minutes away from Mendoza.
  • Lots from 1 hectare.
  • 40-60 private condominiums in a world class hotel with Spa and own Winery.
  • 10,000 kilos of grape per hectare will be our productive limit, and it combined with a very high-density plantation, the result is a project consistently focused on high quality in all aspects.
  • 6,000 wine bottles per hectare yearly (average).


In Santa María de los Andes, we understand that owners want to become part of the wine world without new concerns, therefore, we provide integral management services during owner’s and guests’ stay.

“World Class Hotel”
Santa María de los Andes will offer a world class hotel, with an extensive service and convenience menu, including a Health Club & Spa.

Concierge Service
A team made up of professionals will address your needs during your stay in Santa María de los Andes. From restaurant reservations, cultural events, parties, catering, chef service to adventure tourism activities organization, etc.

Recreational activities
In Santa María de los Andes, you will be able to do a variety of activities such as wine-tasting guided by our sommeliers. Besides, you will have the possibility to know our vineyards accompanied by experts.


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  • Americas Property Awards in Association with The New York Times – CNBC 2008

First Plantation: 2006
Sales Launch: 2007
Total Work End: 2009
Winery: 2011

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