Independent Vineyards / Fincas

Consulting Services – Independent Vineyards and Fincas


Invest in some of the World's Best Independently run Vineyards / Fincas

  • Property Scouting
  • We work with well-connected and reputable agents in Mendoza who, in addition to identifying properties for sale on-line, in local papers and by agencies, locate properties not officially on the market. Over the years we have developed and maintained an extensive network of industry contacts.
  • Guided Property Visits
  • Our qualified bilingual agents take prospective buyers to view pre-inspected properties chosen for them during the Property Scout phase. The pros and cons of each potential investment will be discussed while on-site.
  • Soil & Water Analysis
  • Once the client has selected potential properties of interest, we will have soil and water samples collected and our licensed agronomist will deliver to a reputable lab for analysis, payment on behalf of the client, and retrieval of results.
  • Price Negotiation
  • We will negotiate the lowest possible price. We are very familiar with Argentine culture and bargaining tactics, saving our clients tens of thousands of dollars due to our tough negotiating skills.
  • Purchase and Closing Assistance (POA)
  • For clients who cannot be in Argentina for purchase closing, we offer oversight of transfer of funds, payment to seller and signing of ¬†all relevant paperwork on behalf of our client.

Vineyards of Tupungato

Purchase Process:

  • Introduce you to an honest and trustworthy escribano (an Argentine lawyer who specializes in real estate law and who will write up the contract for the purchase).
  • Our Notary will review and certify all paperwork related to the purchase of real estate, including verification of clean title and ownership. An Argentine Notary has a PHD in law and specializes in real estate transactions. They play a major and necessary role in the real estate purchase process.
  • Help you open a bank account with a bank that is legally licensed to deal with non-resident property purchases.
  • Help you obtain a tax number (CDI, without which you cannot purchase a property). Introduce you to an accountant who will help prepare your yearly financial documents and tax bill.

Post Purchase Referral Services:

  • Property Development from plantation to cultivation and sales (Project Management)
  • Introduction to architects and contractors for villa construction as well as management (monthly fee) and rental of the property (commission based).
  • Contracting of third party service providers (builders, contractors, architects, etc.).
  • Drafting of contracts and other legal documents with which to define and enforce agreements with vendors.

Property Management Referral Services:

  • Financial Management – Bookkeeping, auditing of purchases made by employees, and tax filings (monthly reporting is required in Argentina).
  • Technical Management – Interviewing and contracting reliable temporary or permanent labor as well as monitoring employees and directing their work especially at harvest-time in a vineyard

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