Mendoza Managed Vineyards

Consulting Services – Managed Private Vineyard Estates


Live on your own Managed Vineyard with stunning views of the Andes


BBI Argentina specializes in offering consulting services for turnkey and managed private vineyard projects in Mendoza. The managed private vineyard concept would allow you to own the vines, the land, and the house. A highly qualified onsite team will organize the planting, maintenance and ultimately, the sale of the grapes to a local winery.

  • Upon determination of duration and date of your visit, we will design an itinerary whereby you will be able to visit every one of the vineyard projects. We will also help arrange winery visits and excursions to the surrounding area in order for you to get a good feel of the area.
  • Recommend the right managed vineyard project that meets your short and long term objectives as well as your budget.
  • Provide you with an independent, in-depth comparative analysis of each and every vineyard project, outlining differences in soil, location, number of vines per hectare, productivity, value vs. price as well as providing a background history associated with each project and their owners/managers. Explaining and providing detailed analysis behind price differential for each vineyard estate.
  • Provide you with detailed accounts of fixed expenses for each and every project. Provide detailed account of expenses related to the purchase process.
  • Provide you with projected short and long term revenue from the sale of grapes/juices vs. making wine from your vineyard. Otherwise, provide guidance for marketing your wines.
  • Negotiate best price possible for each parcel and any possible payment terms
  • Introduce you to an honest and trustworthy escribano (a lawyer who specializes in real estate law and who will write up the contract for the purchase)
  • Help you obtain a tax number (CDI, without which you cannot purchase a property)
  • Help you open a bank account with a bank that is legally licensed to deal with non-resident property purchases. Advise you how to obtain legal residency in Argentina.
  • Introduce you to an accountant who will help prepare your yearly financial documents and tax bill.
  • Should you wish to build a villa on your vineyard, we will introduce you to one of the best architects in Mendoza.
  • We will also manage and rent your villa. With our years of renting properties in Argentina we will undetake to generate the highest rental revenue.


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