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Consulting Services – Buenos Aires Real Estate Purchase

Real Estate Investment Consulting Services of BBI Argentina

Span the Entire Purchase Process

From scouting and finding the right investment property that meets your criteria to negotiating the purchase price, to referring you to an Escribano to closing the deal and handing the post purchase running of the operation, BBI Argentina can assist you every step of the way

BBI Argentina has successfully assisted hundreds of clients over the years with their real estate transactions in Argentina by helping them save considerable time and money.


Our services include:

  • Property Scouting
  • We work with well-connected and reputable agents all across Argentina who, in addition to identifying properties for sale on-line, in local papers and by agencies, locate properties not officially on the market. Over the years we have developed and maintained an extensive network of industry contacts in every investment category all across Argentina.


  • Guided Property Visits
  • Our qualified bilingual agents accompany prospective buyers to view the properties pre-inspected prior to their arrival and during the Property Scout phase. The pros and cons of each potential investment opportunity is analyzed during each visit.


  • Price Negotiation
  • Our negation skills are unparalleled. Our ultimate objective is to get the best value for each and every one of our clients. Deep familiarity with Argentine negotiation culture and years of experience selling real estate in Argentina have provided us with great opportunity undertake to negotiate the lowest possible price. We are very familiar with Argentine business culture and bargaining tactics. Our tough negotiation skills and the ability to get the best price for our clients has saved them thousands of dollars.


  • Purchase and Closing Assistance
  • For absentee owners who are unable to be present during the closing process, our attorneys, through POAs are able to oversee transfer of funds, payment to seller and signing of  all relevant paperwork on behalf of our client and ultimately transfer the title under the client’s name.



  • Post Purchase Management 
  • We can handle every aspect of your operation from developing to running every day operation to full accounting and legal services.
  • Property Development
  • Legal Drafting of contracts and other legal documents with which to define and enforce agreements with vendors.
  • Property Management:  On-site supervision of the whole operation.
  • Financial Management: Bookkeeping and tax filing, auditing of all transactions.

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