Rachel Goggan

Thomas Johnson

As a winemaker, and owner of a personal wine cellar, i always dreamed of owning my own vineyard. I love malbec wine. We looked far and wide to fulfill that dream. It was Nadia, who listened to us, and facilitated for us to visit many different vineyards in Mendoza. It was wonderful. We have now met our support group through Nadia that will be our support as we transition to eventual retirement in Argentina. We chose and bought our property at La Agustina, because of the workers on the property, Miguel and his family have become close to us. Our agronomist, Luis and Victoria, and their children have become our Argentine family. The expats who own vineyard properties around us are very much a part of that community also. Our next dream is to take our own grapes and produce the finest boutique malbec wine that we can for our own cellaring and sales.

Nadia, we love you. Thanks for making our dream a reality. Tom and Kathy Johnson

Rachel Goggan

Rachel Goggansays:

Nadia is very knowledgable about the region and helped me to determine the best option for my needs. She is a pleasure to work with, highly competent, and very responsive. Thanks for all your hard work!

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Rachel Goggan
Rachel Goggan
Attorney, Investor

Before working with Nadia Binesh, I was unfamiliar with the competitive landscape of managed vineyards in Mendoza. With her wealth of knowledge of vineyard communities and properties as well as the wine business in Mendoza, she was able to educate me on differences between vineyard projects and offer comparative and unbiased analysis for each and every one of the vineyard communities in Mendoza. Her expert knowledge, frank advice and objective perspectives allowed me to be able to come to the right decision.
Thanks to Nadia I am now very excited about my investment opportunities in Mendoza and look forward to having her as my broker and friend for many years to come .
If you are looking for frank and honest advice in buying a vineyard property in Argentina look no further than Nadia Binesh.

July 25, 2013, Rachel was Nadia’s client

Stuart Duncan
Stuart Duncan
CEO, TEN Broadcasting Inc.

If anyone I know is considering doing ANYTHING in Argentina get in touch with Nadia as she has the best contacts to gets established in that country that I know of. I am indeed recommending her and her company and anyone can contact me in this regard at 818-601-1133. Stuart Duncan, CEO

July 24, 2013, Stuart was with another company when working with Nadia at BBI Argentina

Karima Murji
Karima Murji

Nadia is THE person to have in your corner. She takes her job very seriously while offering quality service. Nadia is an expert and very well connected to ensure that your needs are met. She will be someone you will continue to have a business relationship with even after she has completed her assignment. Not only will she get you what you want, she has the ability to be creative and innovative with her ideas to open your mind up to endless possibilities. I have nothing but rave reviews for Nadia….a true professional in every sense.

May 28, 2011, Karima was Nadia’s client

James R. Clements
James R. Clements
Founder Grupo Galvez, LLC

I first made contact with Nadia in 2009 and in 2010 we had the pleasure of meeting with Nadia in Buenos Aires on a Real Estate investment project in Argentina. Mrs Binesh is a very personable, professional Real Estate Agent and it is a pleasure to be working with her on our project. We look forward to continuing to work with Nadia as we progress on our project.

February 9, 2011, James R. was Nadia’s client

Alberto España
Alberto EspañaRe-order
CEO-General Manager at Banesco Holding Medios de Pago S.L.

Nadia helped us find a great property in Argentina. She was always very honest and open about the different possibilities and I felt I could trust her immediately. She was patient and took time to answer all our questions. We are extremely happy with the property, the value and the possibilities. I would highly recommend Nadia to anybody looking for property in Mendoza or Buenos Aires.

April 25, 2010, Alberto was Nadia’s client

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