User Manual

*How to Log-in ?
Go To: and log-in using your user name and password.

*How to create a new page?
In your  “Dashboard” under “Pages” click on “Add New”. Enter your title, upload your picture, format your texts, select a parent page if any, etc. Once you done you can save the page as Draft or Publish it. Some user type may not be able to publish a page.

*How to create a blog ?
In your “Dashboard” under Posts you will see the option to view post, add a new post, add a post category. Click on “Add new” . This is similar to creating a new page. Enter your blog title, description etc. You can assign a “format” (by default standard is selected) to your post. You can also assign a “Category” (optional). You may also assign “Post Tags”.

*How to add new property ?
(i)This is also very similar to creating new page. In your “Dashboard” under “Properties” click on “Add Property”. Enter your title and descriptions.
(ii) Under “General Information” select or enter appropriate information. Leave blank if nothing to enter.
(iii) Features: In this section enter your property features separated by “,” (eg Air Conditioning,Alarm,Balcony etc). You can also click on “Choose from the most used tags” and select features from there.
(iv) Image Gallery: To add image gallery first upload all the images via “Upload/Insert”. Once upload is complete save the changes. Click on Gallery and Select “Insert Gallery”. You can also insert gallery by going go”HTML” editing and typing “gallery” inside [] (see picture below). A gallery of uploaded pictures will be added to your you post.
**NOTE: For our design purpose we must insert gallery at the beginning (first line) of east property listing**

*How to edit a page/blog/property ?
If you are logged in, at the top of the page you will see “Edit” link Each page/blog/property you visit. Click on that link and it should take to you the Editing option. Make sure to save after editing.
You can also edit them from your admin “Dashboard”

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