“What is the best country to invest in?”

As legendary global investor Sir John Templeton answered decades ago: “Sir, I beg your pardon but that is the wrong question… you should be asking me what country looks absolutely miserable.”

Argentina today is not-so quietly heading towards the famous fiscal cliff and a very hard landing. Argentina looks absolutely miserable’.

If you want to make great returns, you’ve got to find value where others see dead money, and then be willing to buy prime assets such as farmland, a vineyard in prime wine growing land in the famous Mendoza region of Argentina, home to the highly regarded Malbec grape or look at great condos in Buenos Aires where short term rental revenue alone could range anywhere from 10% to 15% due to huge tourism spike.

The people of Argentina cannot access US$ easily, by Government fiat, resulting in a flourishing ‘Blue Market’, currently offering a 69% spread between the official exchange rate and the Blue Market rate. This is not sustainable. Argentines are desperate for the safe haven of US$. So if you are holding USD in your hands they are willing to make amazing deals to get USD instead of their ever depreciating currency. Plus, due to this deep depreciation, your cost of running your business is very low.

Argentina, therefore, represents a fantastic investment opportunity for non-Argentines in all sectors particularly real estate, both urban and rural.

Stunning Andes VistaWith off-shore income sources, an investor can benefit greatly from depressed prices on farmland, vineyard properties, condos and homesites. If you REALLY are looking for an investment that you can also enjoy while it appreciates greatly you’ve got to be bold. You’ve got to buy something of value that, for one reason or other, nobody else wants. Then you’ve got to hold and eventually sell when everybody wants it.

If Argentina unravels, as many pundits expect this year, foreign buyers of real estate whether urban or rural, stand to gain commensurately.

If you are harbouring any thoughts of ‘one day’ buying that vineyard and building that house in the foothills of the magnificent Andes mountain range or owning a pied a terre in Buenos Aires  – NOW is the ‘one day’ to act!

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