Mendoza Vineyards for Sale

Managed Vineyard Private Estate Concept: The vision of managed vineyard living is to provide a haven, a retreat for those of like mind, those who share a deep appreciation for fine wine, a kinship with nature and the natural world. Imagine standing on your terrace overlooking your vineyard and pool, savoring a glass of your own vineyard-grown Malbec. The snow-capped Andes seem close enough to touch. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Not anymore. You can now own your own vineyard for as little as $95,000.00.You own the vines, the land, and the house. Our trained staff will organize and handle everything from the beginning to the end, planting, on-going maintenance and ultimately the sale of the grapes to a winery. Mendoza Managed Private Vineyard  Estates offer a truly unique buying opportunity – accessible world-class wine growing terroir set against the stunning Andean mountain background at amazingly low prices and represent a wise investment opportunity. The vineyard land values in Mendoza have experienced and continue to experience, the highest appreciation of any wine region in the world. The offerings for Mendoza Private Vineyard Properties are of various sizes; from 3 acres to 20 acres. Some are already planted and producing wine award winning wines and some are ready for plantation.

Casa de Uco Vineyards & Wine Hotellocated in the Uco Valley, a unique place southwest of Mendoza. An oasis where the best Malbec grapes in the world are grown. Amidst stunning mountain landscapes and incredible natural beauty, the valley is home to several of the most distinguished wineries in the world.The estate, spanning across 320 hectares (790 acres) is bordered by the majestic Andes Mountains, extensive vineyards and a lake, completing the incomparable scenery of Casa de Uco. Produce your own wine in our facilities with the help and guidance of the world Renowned wine master, Alberto Antonini.EACH HECTARE PRODUCES APPROXIMATELY 7,000 BOTTLES OF PREMIUM WINE PER YEAR.Vineyard owners will have the possibility to produce their own wines and choose the level of involvement in the wine making process, from picking the grape vines, producing customized wines with personalized labels, to creating blends with the assistance of our talented winemakers.

  • Complimentary Stays at Wine Hotel & Spa.
  • Private Wine Label Collaboration with each owner.
  • Private Wine Lockers.
Santa Maria De Los Andes for sale
Santa Maria de los Andes 
Agrelo,Luján de Cuyo A development comprised of 820 hectares with 550 hectares designated as private vineyard estates ranging in size from 1 to 6 hectares, Santa Maria de los Andes is a simplified turnkey vineyard
management system and perations supervised by the acclaimed Tuscan winemaker Alberto Antonini. It is a fabulous vineyard village in the foothills of the magnificent Andean mountain range and offers ideal opportunity to design your home surrounded by your own vineyard.

  • Great location. Close to Mendoza, 10 km from Ruta 40. Beautiful setting.
  • Mature project with major consulting winemakers such as Alberto Antonini and Susana Balbo.
  • Opportunity to buy mature wine producing lots.
  • Home sites available on some of the remaining mature lots.
  • World class guest house.
  • Good sandy soil.
  • Good density with 6,000 vines per Hectare.
  • Over 300 hectares already planted.
Vila Dolce Vita in Mendoza
Dole Vita
Vista Flores, Valle de Uco A sprawling property over 200 acres in the heart of Valle de Uco, 8 miles west of the town of Tunuyan, offers 17 vineyard/home sites ranging from 7-15 acres, with  2 km of  private river running along the property and a stunning view of the Andes, makes this a very unique project.

  • Great location with proximity to city (Tunuyan) services and a lot of high profile developments happening in the surrounding area.
  • Beautiful place with a great view of the Andes and a park-like setting with a river running through it.
  • Every lot includes two year old 2 planted hectares of Malbec.
  • Every lot comes with a home site so you can build on your own vineyard.
  • Underground electricity grid and other services already in place.
  • Every lot at Villa Dolce Vita comes with 2 hectares (5 acres) of planted Malbec.

BBI Argentina is the only company that specializes in the sales of Turnkey and Managed Vineyard Private Estate Projects in Mendoza. We match you with the right project, negotiate on your behalf, provide help with independent soil and water testing. We can handle all legal issues and money transfers to assist in the satisfactory completion of your purchase. After you have purchased your vineyard, we can provide help with the building of your vineyard villa as well as management and rental while you are away.

Please note that in addition to the high value appreciation of your purchase, additional revenues will include that of the wine (or grapes) sales as well as the rental revenue from your villa. BBI Argentina is well positioned to manage your villa rental at rates competitive with 5 star hotels and lodges in the area.

Location Mendoza is the wine capital of Argentina and South America. Once a desert, it has been transformed into a verdant oasis, with its perfect terroir making it one of the finest wine-growing regions in the world. Mendoza is called “The Next Napa Valley”, now recognized worldwide for producing great wines of the highest order. Mendoza City is known for its attractive plazas, broad tree-lined avenues with ceramic-tiled sidewalks, and numerous parks and fountains rose gardens, and pedestrian walkways that combine to create its special charm. Its proximity to the Andes Mountain range – including Mt. Aconcagua, the highest peak in the western hemisphere makes it an unbeatable destination for adventure tourism. And the renowned “Wine Route” offers travelers the chance to visit hundred-year-old wine cellars, spectacular mountain bodegas, and sample excellent vintage wines produced from carefully selected grapes.

Climate & Environment Year-round, Mendoza is a paradise for outdoor activities. The region averages 330 days of sun and just 10 inches of rain annually. Warm, humidity-free days in the summer stretch into beautiful “Indian Summer” autumn days, aglow in spectacular foliage colors. Winter brings huge snowfall to the nearby Andes. This combination means Mendoza truly rivals the most appealing climates found anywhere in
the world

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